Left out of Remembrance Day ceremony, Aboriginals say

Group stood outside Old City Hall with First Nations flags, claiming they had been set aside

IMG_2113Carrie Lester holds a picture of her great grandfather in one hand and a First Nations flag in the other.

She says she and her friends were shoved off to the side at the Remembrance Day ceremony at Old City Hall.

“We are not being recognized today,” Lester said. “Not at all.”

She’s accusing organizers for refusing to honour and acknowledge their First Nations flag.

Remembrance Day at Old City Hall was held at 11 a.m. on Nov.11. Lester stood behind a crowd with a group of her First Nations friends, who were also holding flags. According to Lester, their flags were taken from them and stomped on.

Lester’s great grandfather, Percy Roy Liquers, died in a bomb blast on Aug. 17, 1917. Among  the seven in the family who joined the war, Liquers was the only one who didn’t survive.

According to Lester, the First Nations lost their status after the war. Now, they are trying their best to get their status.

“Every Canadian needs to remember the sacrifice of First Nations people,” Lester said.

She also said that imore First Nations people signed up for the war than any other group in Canada. When reporters asked what could be done to move forward, Lester said that they want to be heard.

“Listen to us.” Lester said. “When is racism going to change? That’s the question.”

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By: Denice Raagas
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Posted: Nov 14 2015 6:53 pm
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