Video: Women in the workplace — The higher the level, the wider the gap

The wage gap can be defined as the unfair difference between male and female earnings

Across the globe, women are doing the same job as men, with the same qualifications, yet not making the same amount of money. The problem, known as the wage gap, is defined as the difference between male and female earnings. The gender wage gap is known as one of the modern feminism movement’s largest issues.

On average, women earn 77 per cent of what men earn. Women occupy 52 per cent of the world’s population, yet men hold the majority of positions of power. These powerful roles, among them CEO, president, vice president and manager, often require knowledge, interest and innovation. Both men and women can show these traits, so why are men gaining more recognition?

“If we do something over and over again, it becomes normal,” says Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie in her essay, ‘We Should All Be Feminists,’ inspired by her popular 2012 TEDx talk.

“If we keep seeing only men as heads of corporations, it starts to seem natural that only men should be heads of corporations.”

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Watch journalist Samantha McArthur dissect the wage gap issue, with insights from Lynda Kosowan, the executive director of the Scarborough Women’s Centre, teacher Robin Morton, and  aspiring entertainment reporter, LC Kemp:

‘The glass ceiling’ is a term used to describe the invisible barrier that women face in the workplace, keeping them from exceling to higher positions and achieving advanced goals.

Experts say women are taught they can be successful, but not too successful, and that they learn to mask their success in fear of emasculating men. When will we come to a time that women don’t have to change who they are to be where they belong?

The wage gap issue must be recognized before it can be solved, and it involves help from the government. Many solutions include raising minimum wage, passing an Equal Rights Amendment, encouraging women to step up, and most importantly teaching our younger generations.

As it’s often difficult to make people forget about the gender roles they grew up on, it is important to change the norms of the new generation. Children must be taught that about gender equality and the importance of equal opportunities. They can then live in a world where the only thing differentiating a man and a woman is their biology, not their ability.

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By: Samantha McArthur
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