TTC begins all-door boarding on streetcars

Commuters share thoughts about new rules

TTC riders can now board all streetcars using the rear doors with a valid proof of payment.

This is a move to speed up boarding times and reduce stop times for customers.

TTC CEO Andy Byford said there are fare inspectors on all streetcars to assist passengers with the new changes.

Failure to display a valid transfer, pass or receipt will result in a $425 fine.

Passengers who pay with cash, tickets or tokens will continue to board at the front door of the streetcar.

“It’s such a convenience to know that I have another alternative entrance,” said Brett Giosan, a 27-year-old TTC rider who uses the Queen streetcar regularly. “I no longer have to stress about if I’ll be able to board a streetcar or not.”

While some customers are thrilled about the change, others feel it is a waste of time.

“There is still far too much commotion getting on or off, at either door”, said Christine Laurens, a 32-year-old commuter. “If they really wanted to do us a favour, they could put more streetcars on the road.”

The shift into rear-door boarding on streetcars comes as the TTC readies itself to allow Presto payments on all streetcars.

Presto card payments are currently available on the Spadina and Harbourfront routes. Byford suggests additional routes will be added before the end of 2015.

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By: Connor Atkinson
Posted: Dec 15 2015 8:08 pm
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