5 gifts to think twice about before buying

As you look around the mall in search of the perfect gifts for your loved ones, you may want to think twice about what you buy.

To make sure your gift is not among those being returned this season, you may want to stay away from the items below:

1. Calendars


Once upon a time a calendar was a great gift to give. You helped someone get organized while looking at pictures they liked throughout the year, but times have changed. All cell phones have calendars in them for users to add and remind them of their appointments while they are on the go. Mobile calendar use will be a growing trend as the recently released annual Communications Monitoring Report by the CRTC stated there are more than 28 million wireless subscribers in Canada. A calendar has now become nothing more than something that takes space on your refrigerator door.

2. Pajamas 


You are basically saying ‘I know you on your days off: You like to be lazy by lounging around your house most of the day.’ You may think no one would return pajamas because everyone needs them, but you will get the “oh, umm, thanks” reaction from the receiver, as it’s nothing special.

3. Advice Books 

There is no better way to tell someone on Christmas about what you think is wrong with them and how they should fix it than giving an advice book about it. Save that for another day.

4. Shampoo and Soap 

Shampoo & Soap

Do you want to imply they smell bad? Shampoo and soap is a personal item, as people have different hair and skin types, as well as product loyalty. If you don’t live with them or observe their collection regularly, then you likely don’t know what products they use.

5. Wallets 


If you don’t put money into a wallet before giving it, then you’re already giving bad luck to the person receiving it, according to superstitious beliefs. Wallets are also a personal choice item: Selecting the proper size is a guessing game, as this is dependent on the number of cards and cash they typically carry, information you’re unlikely to know.



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By: Ryan Chatterjee
Posted: Dec 17 2015 12:09 pm
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