More detailed SmartTrack studies to be released

Future reports to focus on locations not included in Tuesday's SmartTrack Ridership Forecast

Torontonians can expect a series of reports in the next few weeks on the viability of John Tory’s plan for the transit system, following up the initial SmartTrack Ridership Forecasts presented on Jan. 19.

It’s intended to provide answers to the question of whether Mayor John Tory’s plan for Toronto’s transit system will succeed, says the report’s head researcher.

“Our next report will be a similar high-level report on our preliminary findings on some of the downtown relief line options that people are currently interested in,” says Eric Miller, director of the University of Toronto’s Transportation Research Institute.

That report is expected in a couple of weeks and is to be followed by a similar one about the Scarborough subway extension.

The SmartTrack Ridership Forecasts summarizes the efficiency of the SmartTrack system. Estimations of the city’s employment rate, population and frequency between stops were used to determine the number of commuters per day.

The report confirms the TTC fare is more likely to attract commuters than the GO fare and that the frequency — every 5–10 minutes — will certainly draw a larger crowd of riders. Visuals of the SmartTrack system are included in the report and shows the 24 stations that are expected to connect through the transit line.

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Posted: Jan 22 2016 6:04 pm
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