Revamping Toronto’s community housing

Mayor's task force report recommends improvements for city's affordable housing

The Mayor’s task force on Toronto Community Housing has released a list of recommendations to resolve longstanding issues residents have faced. Mayor John Tory unveiled the findings of the report in a press conference on Jan. 26.

Highlights of the task force’s recommendations

1. Change TCHC into a non-profit community-based organization
2. Create mixed income communities
3. Renovate and build new housing structures
4. Alter and decentralize TCHC operation systems
5. Reform “rent geared to income system” to give renters more freedom

The report, “Transformative Change for TCHC,” includes a list of 29 recommendations the task force has for the improvement of Toronto’s affordable housing.

The task force spoke with 1,000 tenants and visited over 70 buildings across the city to compile data.

“We must take care of the 110,000 families who call TCH buildings their home. We have to find a better way (to),” Tory said.

He also took to Twitter to address this need.

Tory cited deteriorating buildings and a backlog of repairs as issues TCHC should address for long term change to happen. TCHC’s current model is also “not working” and needs to be altered to better suit its residents.

In a separate press release Councillor Ana Bailão, a housing advocate, said the TCHC’s current structure impedes its ability to better serve its community.

“The proposed changes have the potential to vastly improve the lives of TCH residents,” Bailão said.

“We can create a resident-focused culture in the delivery of housing through more transparency and choice.”

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Posted: Jan 28 2016 11:14 am
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