Quick tips to save on groceries

Food industry pros offer advice

With the cost of food rising and the value of our currency falling, Canadians need to stretch their dollars more than ever.

Tips: Save on Grocery Shopping

1. Buy frozen veggies and fruits instead of fresh ones.
2. Prefer chicken over other meats.
3. Buy bigger packages.
4. Avoid expensive grocery stores.
5. Have a calculator while shopping.
6. Check ads for sales and coupons.
7. Always have a weekly menu in mind.

According to Statistics Canada, the cost of food has increased “3.7 per cent in December of 2015 over the same month in the previous year.”

To help Canadians keep within their budgets, two food industry professionals are sharing tips to save on groceries.

Cook and mother of three, Rosangela Caracas, and hospitality worker, Hasan Arifoglu, provided their concise advice to the Observer.

“By following these tips, I’ve been able to spend the same amount of money on groceries than two years ago,” Arifoglu said. “And given the current economic situation, I believe it’s a great achievement.”

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Posted: Feb 2 2016 11:25 am
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