Raptors guard inspiring young basketball players in GTA

Kyle Lowry named Eastern Conference Player of the Week

An award-winning seven days for Raptors guard Kyle Lowry is inspiring on youth in the GTA.

“Lowry has an amazing impact on the youth in Toronto,” says coach and college basketball player Louisa Resurreccion, who is trying to apply Lowry’s passion into her game and coaching.

“By the way he plays on the court it shows that if you love something, find a purpose to achieve it and strive for greatness,” she says. “Distributing the ball is an amazing fundamental he has, he knows the court and where his teammates are.”

Division one-bound high school basketball player Cole Lawrence is learning from Lowry’s performances. He watched last Friday’s game when Lowry hit a long step back jumper in the dying seconds of the game to beat the East-leading Cleveland Cavaliers. He noticed Lowry’s calm and collectiveness, an attribute he admires.

“I want his composure. With fans cheering and your teammates relying on you it’s very hard,” Lawrence says. “If you are able to keep your composure then you are a very good basketball player which is clearly evident in Lowry’s success.”

Lawrence has big league dreams and admires Lowry’s path to the NBA. He respects Lowry’s hard work ethic, which is inspiring him to work harder to make his dreams a reality.

“Even now when he’s made it, he’s still working hard to improve his game,” he said. “It shows hard work pays off and no matter how far I make it I’m going to keep working hard.”

This marks the third time Lowry has been named player of the week in his NBA career. Over the week Lowry averaged 28.7 points (first in the Eastern Conference), 8.7 assists (tied for second in the Eastern Conference), and 6.3 rebounds. Lowry led the Raptors to a 3-0 record in games he appeared in.

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Posted: Mar 3 2016 10:41 am
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