Pitcher Bobby Doran gets fresh start after signing with Jays

After a challenging 2015 season, Doran feels back on top of his game

Pitcher Bobby Doran recently signed with the Blue Jays after a challenging 2015 season. Wendy-Ann Clarke/Toronto Observer

DUNEDIN, Fla. – Toronto Blue Jays minor-league pitcher Bobby Doran believes that you reap on the baseball field what you’ve sown in the off-season.

Doran, who recently signed with the Jays, had a challenging 2015 season, mentally and physically, with the Kansas City T-bones of the Independent league, but feels back on top of his game.

Drafted in 2010, the soon to be 27-year-old is confident that last years’ trials are in the past.

“I’m really excited about being here,” he said Thursday after practice at the Bobby Mattick Training Center. “I had a struggle of a year last year. These guys have opened up their arms to me … I plan on performing, and taking advantage of my opportunity.”

After much analysis the six-foot-six Oklahoma native has gained insight into what was affecting his performance.

“I had some bad mechanical stuff going on, and it really affected me mentally. I kind of went down hill and hit a little valley. The Jays saw some promise in me. They saw that I was making some good adjustments and offered me a spot.”

Son of an attorney mother, and an IBM sales executive father, the former Texas Tech All American showed natural prowess at an early age, but says he’s not the greatest sportsperson in the family.

“My sister Alex is a professional cheerleader,” Doran said. “She’s actually in Australia right now. While I was blessed to be able to throw a baseball, she is far superior athletically.”

As for improving on his 4.43 ERA from last year, Doran believes the work he has put in during the off-season will help him reach his goal.

“It’s a lot about growth and development,” he said. “If you’re not working hard on the basics, like the mechanics, and the mental strength, then how are you going to be able to see the results on the field when you want to reap the harvest?

“You aren’t going to produce the product if you aren’t working hard in the off-season to grow and stabilize your foundation.”

Normally very active on social media, going into his sixth minor-league season, the only place you’ll find him for any length of time is on the pitching mound.

“I gave up Twitter for Lent,” he said. “I had to do something drastic this year.”

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