Families wrap up March Break with murder mystery

Toronto company serves up clue-riddled adventure at ROM

Whodunit? That was the question posed to hunters during the Murder at the ROM event on Friday.

The event saw teams of two to six people search through a busy Royal Ontario Museum to find clues and solve the murder of the museum curator.

The event is run by Urban Capers, a Toronto based company that runs scavenger hunts all over the city. Jodi Sinden, a trivia and riddle lover, founded Urban Capers.

According to Urban Capers chief historian and researcher Robyn Yates Cameron, Sinden wanted to make her own scavenger hunts.

“She wanted to make something that was like The Amazing Race, but she loves Toronto so that’s when she came up with the idea to do different scavenger hunts in different neighbuorhoods around the city,” Yates Cameron said.

The booklet for "Murder at the ROM". It holds the clues to solving the murder
The booklet for “Murder at the ROM”. It holds the clues to solving the murder. (Austin Owens)

The events usually bring in 45–50 people, with Murder at the ROM being the most popular.

The event also gives people the chance to experience the Royal Ontario Museum’s different exhibits and attractions.

“You get a chance to look at the architecture of the museum as well as the different artifacts,” Yates Cameron said. “You learn a little bit about what you’re seeing while you’re trying to piece together this fictional murder story.”

“Murder at the ROM” is one of two scavenger hunts held at the Museum. Aside from the ROM, Urban Capers hold several other hunts in the distillery district, St. Lawrence Market and old Toronto.

For their cleverness in solving the riddles, the winning team receives a prize, the golden magnifying glass.

The murder was solved and the magnifying glass was handed out. Those who took part experienced a fun day of mystery to close out March Break.