Raptors lose but clinch playoff berth

Team qualifies for postseason for third consecutive year

Despite their 91–79 loss to the Boston Celtics Wednesday night, the Toronto Raptors have clinched a spot in the 2016 NBA playoffs.

Raptors fans were keeping a close eye on Wednesday night, as the New York Knicks beat the Chicago Bulls, knowing the Knicks’ win would mean a ticket to the playoffs for the Raptors.

Following a five-year drought of missing the postseason starting in 2009, this marks the third straight season playoff basketball will be played in Toronto.

“It’s always great to get in the playoffs,” Demar DeRozan said in the post-game press conference.

The Raptors now look ahead, hoping to reach win number 50 for the first time in team history.

The increase in wins have not yet transferred to success in the playoffs, and the team knows it will have to step up their game come playoff time.

“These games in the next couple weeks, we got to realize we got to tighten up for the real thing.”

Raptors’ regular season wins yet to
transfer into playoff success

Year                              # of Wins                               Playoff Record
2012-2013                          34                                                 N/A
2013-2014                          48                                                 3-4
2014-2015                          49                                                 0-4
2015-2016                          48*                                               ??

*With 12 games remaining in regular season.

Fans are showing their excitement for another playoff run, many hoping that the new Raptors are the real deal this time around, as seen on Twitter.



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Posted: Mar 24 2016 2:09 am
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