A&W switches to French’s ketchup

Canada's number two burger chain moves to more 'Canadian' brand

A&W restaurants are switching from Heinz to locally-sourced French's ketchup.

A&W restaurants are switching from Heinz to locally sourced French’s ketchup.

Canada’s number two burger chain, A&W, is switching from Heinz to French’s ketchup and yellow mustard.

“We’re always looking to partner with Canadian suppliers and farmers,” says A&W president Susan Senecal in a press release.

The burger restaurant is locally sourcing its tomatoes from Leamington, Ontario. Mustard seeds are sourced from Saskatchewan.

“We have been working with A&W for more than six months to bring this partnership to life,” says Elliot Penner, president of the French’s Food Company, in the press release.

The debate that started it all comes from Brian Fernandez, an Ontario resident. Fernandez created a Facebook post explaining why his family was switching to French’s ketchup.

“Absolutely love it!!,” Fernandez writes. “Bye. Bye. Heinz.”

Fernandez’s post went viral with over 133,000 shares.

Heinz stopped stopped production in 2014 from Leamington, Ontario. It has since moved production to the United States.

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Posted: Mar 31 2016 12:24 pm
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