Starbucks to introduce alcoholic evening menu

Locations in Toronto begin selling stronger drinks on Tuesday

Alcoholic drinks are to hit the Starbucks menu starting Tuesday in select Toronto locations.  Jonathan Yue/Toronto Observer

You can now get more than just your daily caffeinated drink at certain Starbucks locations in Toronto.

Beginning Tuesday, the popular coffee chain will introduce their new evening menu, which will be available to customers after 2 p.m. every day.

Dave Sullivan, a regular customer of the chain, says believes the menu is going to be a massive hit or a complete miss.

“It’s either going to totally fail or thrive in the market,” Sullivan said. “Seeing how most of their customers are teenagers and older adults, I don’t see how they will thrive with the alcoholic menu.”

Having found success in U.S and Japan locations with the alcoholic evening menu, Starbucks hopes to continue that success in Canada.

Along with beers and wines, snack size dishes will also be available to accompany the drinks menu.

You can find the new evening menu at these locations, with other locations expected to be announced:

• 1740 Avenue Rd.

• 3079 Bloor St. W.,

• 446 Spadina Rd.

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Posted: Apr 3 2016 10:19 pm
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