Cutting budget, not quality of service: TTC

Commission says it has met the 2.6 per cent budget cut

Current service will not be affected by the budget cuts requested by Mayor Tory, the Toronto Transit Commission says.

According to a recent budget report, most of the TTC’s budget cuts will come from healthcare. The number of employee healthcare claims have been trending downwards, leading to the TTC cutting $10.3 million from its allocated budget.

TTC budget cuts

Proposals found in TTC budget report to meet the 2.6 per cent budget reduction target:

· Remove telephone land lines for staff provided with TTC cell phones (saving of $0.3 million)

· Reduce overtime ($0.8 million)

· Reduce training and travel ($0.5 million)

· Reduce stand-by costs ($0.6 million)

· Cut materials and supplies requirements ($1 million)

· September service not implemented due to reduced ridership ($1.5 million)

· Lower healthcare costs ($10.3 million)

Source: Report: Preliminary 2017 TTC and Wheel-Trans Operating Budgets

While no current TTC services will be changed due to the budget cuts, a planned September service expansion will be dropped. The commission says the expanded service is not necessary because ridership projections are within current service capacity.

The TTC says it will have budget problems going into 2017. According to its current projections, the TTC will have a budget gap of $172.6 million. This, even after accounting for a $16-million reduction in PRESTO fees and an $11 million savings on fuel.

The TTC board will review proposals to deal with 2017’s budget concerns when it meets this fall.

The TTC chose not to comment, other than to direct us to their report.   

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Posted: Sep 19 2016 3:04 pm
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