Lauren Cascagnette in Rio

Lauren Cascagnette: ‘indescribable’

The Rio Paralympic Games have been nothing short of incredible. It is an opportunity that as a journalism student, I could have never imagined. Although there are too many amazing moments and stories to list, one particular event stands out in my mind as I reflect on my time at the Games.

Hearing your country’s national anthem being played while seeing an elite athlete standing on top of the podium is one of the most indescribable moments I’ve ever experienced – and I was privileged enough to see it twice.

The first time was at one of the most iconic venues at the Games, Olympic Stadium. I had finished my interviews for the day and was invested in the story I was trying to quickly write in order to make the next available bus back to the hotel, when I heard it – the start of O Canada.

I immediately stood up in my seat and looked over to see Brent Lakatos standing on top of the podium, pride glowing from his face. It was that exact moment that it hit me. I was in Rio de Janeiro covering the most elite Paralympic athletes in the world. As if that wasn’t enough, I was able to see an athlete from my country win the title of “champion.”

Thank you for everything Malcolm, Tim, Atus, Ann and Melissa – and a special obrigada to Brazil.