Cocaine dealers agree with cops on body cameras

Both police and drug dealers call pilot project a success


Drug dealers feel safer knowing the police have cameras on them.

Toronto police have determined the body camera pilot project was a success and local cocaine dealers could not be happier.

One local cocaine dealer sees the cameras as a means of protecting himself.

“I think it holds both accountable,” said a dealer, who did not want his name used. “It holds both the police accountable and it holds the citizens accountable.”

The study found that 95 per cent of citizens and 85 per cent of police officers feel body cameras should be worn by police officers.

In a press release, Toronto Police Services cited body camera’s usefulness in providing, “unbiased, independent account of police/community interactions, as expected.”

Another cocaine dealer agrees with the first: “It’s a great thing because it brings more transparency and accountability. “

Police have to be more truthful now, he said. “They can’t hide anything and they can’t embellish.”

The first dealer recalls a time he was arrested and the police were not wearing body cameras.

“They just do whatever they want without recourse because there are no witnesses. But with the camera there, they know that people can see exactly what they did and said and keep them in check.”

It helps protect officers too

But he also sees it as a means to protecting honest police officers.

“Same with citizens, people act like idiots around cops and if there is a camera recording everything they do it will keep them honest too.”

Body cameras can also be used to protect officers who are victims of abuse.

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Posted: Oct 12 2016 2:47 pm
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