New Don Valley park supporters emphasize importance of private donors

The chair of the planned Don River Valley super park says that private donors have an obligation to support the project.

Andy Chisholm, a board member for Evergreen Brick Works and chair of the Don River Valley Park initiative, spoke at a press conference at the Brick Works on Tuesday. He acknowledged the private donors already onboard and described the significance of private investment in this project.

“We (donors/fundraisers) believe that private money coming together with public money can achieve special things in the city,” Chisholm said. “Those who have the means have an almost civic obligation to find ways to take the city forward.”

The donations would cover $3.5 million of the $5 million needed. The Don River Valley Park will run from Evergreen Brick Works to Lake Ontario. Mayor John Tory shared his thoughts about the way private donations will help shape the city.

“They (donors/fundraisers) demonstrate that this type of partnership (public and private) can work,” Tory said. “The contributions have kicked off a new wave of ‘civic philanthropy’ which will help the city move forward.”

Planners say the Don River Valley Park will, when completed, encompass 480 acres, an area larger than High Park. The super-park will have urban, park and natural zones.

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Posted: Oct 19 2016 10:18 am
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