Say farewell to TTC ticket collectors

To be replaced by customer service agents by next sumnmer

Collector booths will be no more as early as Summer 2017, according to the TTC.

In a report released in late September, the transit commission looked at ways to transform the system following the implementation of Presto.

One suggestions was replacing fare collectors with customer service agents (CSAs).

“It’s a modernizing step and it improves visibility of customer service agents and it will improve customer service throughout the system as well,” said Susan Sperling, TTC manager of corporate communications.

A TTC fare collector watches commuters pay their fare.

A TTC fare collector watches commuters pay their fare with Presto. (Renee Allen/Toronto Observer)

The customer service agent model is similar to those used in European and Asian metro systems.

CSAs will be placed throughout stations. They will be able to communicate directly with commuters.

“With Presto, there will be no need for TTC officials to handle cash, tokens or tickets,” Sterling said. “This eliminates the need for the traditional collector role.”

CSAs will be given tablets with apps like Google Translate, Google Maps and SeeTorontoNow to help answer general customer inquiries. CSAs will also roam freely, increasing the system’s accessibility.

“[CSAs] will receive extensive training in customer service [and] technology and emergency procedures to name a few,” Sperling said.

This is all part of the TTC’s Stations Transformational Plan. The initial cost for training CSAs is $2.5 million.

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Posted: Oct 29 2016 7:42 am
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