Raptors take to Twitter after Trump win

U.S.-born players joke about moving to Canada

Toronto Raptor’s players live in Toronto over the course of the NBA season, but after last night some want to actually move north of the border.

Early this morning it was announced that Donald Trump was elected president. Nine of the 15 Raptors players are American born and several took to Twitter to voice their displeasure of the result.

Some joked about actually moving to Toronto.

Washington born Raptor’s forward, Patrick Patterson was one of those players. Even months before the election Patterson wrote an article in The Player’s Tribune, headlined “The North” explaining why he loves Toronto:

“When I played at Kentucky, I would look out into the stands, and it would be about 70 percent white. They were all great fans — it’s the best home court in college basketball — but still, that’s what I was accustomed to. When I walk out of the tunnel at a Raptors game, of course I see white people, but they’re right next to Asians and Africans and Pacific Islanders and many other people from all around the world. And all of them are wearing the same jersey, cheering for the same team. It’s a beautiful thing to see, man.”

Below is Patterson’s tweet and the tweets of other Raptors who reacted to America’s decision.

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Posted: Nov 10 2016 6:39 pm
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