Kim’s Convenience wins fame for local store

Variety store owner enjoys talking with visitors about TV show location

The owners of Mimi Variety on Queen Street E. kept the sign from the television show because it brings more customer to the place. Yeye Zhu/Toronto Observer

CBC’s new sitcom Kim’s Convenience airing every Tuesday is drawing attention to the Korean-Canadian community — especially to the store where the show was filmed.

“Because the show is very good, lots of people want to see where they shoot the film,” says Kyung Chung, owner of the variety store on Queen Street E., east of Sherbourne Street.

“I like them,” she says. “I like to answer questions.”

On Google Map's street view, the old sign for Mimi Variety is still shown.

On Google Maps’ street view, the old sign for Mimi Variety is still shown. (Google Map)

Chung, who has a Korean background, came to Canada 30 years ago after her husband started their variety store business on Queen’s Street East, originally named Mimi Variety. If you check this location on Google Maps’ street view on Google map, the old sign is still there.

Chung says she likes the show very much because it represents the Korean community properly.

“Many of my friends watch the show as well,” she says. “They all enjoy it.”

Kim’s Convenience is the first Canadian sitcom that features an Asian family. The story was based on a Dora Mavor Moore Award-nominated play of the same name in 2011 by Ins Choi.

“It was funny,” says David Harcourt, a local resident who shops at the store. “I heard about it here and it’s a funny story line.”

The show’s production team considered more than 30 places for a location before selecting her store, Chung says.

“They found this because it’s big enough for them to film and there’s a second floor where people can live. And also there’s plenty of parking spots outside.”

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Posted: Nov 24 2016 10:44 am
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