Attacks on TTC operators occur more than you know

Average two and a half per day, but few reported by police

attacks on TTC operators
Two and a half attacks on TTC operators occur daily on various TTC vehicles.  Jordan Barrera//Toronto Observer

The public may be unaware of just how frequently attacks on TTC operators occur, since few reports are released.

“It is a reasonably common event that TTC operators are assaulted,” said Const. Victor Kwong, Toronto Police media relations officer. “Not all investigations are reported to the public — we generally report things to the public that involve a public safety issue.”

Last week, Toronto police released two reports on riders allegedly assaulting operators. Police are looking for a woman and a man for two separate attacks.

The incidents occurred in October and November. Press releases on the incidents were issued by police on Jan. 10.

The TTC reports that around this time last year, an average of two and a half attacks on operators occurred per day. Both the  police and TTC are aware this is common, but many reports are not shared with the public.

What are TTC riders aware of?

Cassim Ali, 28, who rides the TTC everyday, said he is aware operators are at risk, but did not know about the two and a half daily average.  H

He has seen signs on board TTC vehicles stating operators are attacked at least once a day.

“How would the sign help?” Ali said. “With social media everyone is aware of everything — they choose what they want to pay attention to.”

Extensive training is provided to employees to prepare for these situations, the TTC says.

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Posted: Jan 17 2017 5:05 pm
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