Trump’s sexist comments heard by Canadian women: activist

Organizers call Toronto march a statement against Trump's hate speech

Women's March
Protesters march at November's anti-Trump rally. Jordan Clarke/Toronto Observer

Donald Trump’s inauguration will put Canadian women at risk, says an organizer of the Toronto solidarity march in support of the Women’s March on Washington on Saturday.

Kavita Dogra says she is worried about the impact Donald Trump’s presidency will have on Canadians.

“(Trump) has made comments that are offensive and that we can classify as hate speech — which is a form of violence against women,” Dogra says.

Protesters are fearful of Canadians echoing Trump’s sexist rhetoric, she says.

She says Canadians need to speak out against Trump to prevent attacks on women and other marginalized Canadians.

“If people feel emboldened by that election to spread hate speech, then we are not going to stand for it,” Dogra says. “We are not going to tolerate that attitude here.”

Organizers are also warning protesters marching to be mindful of counter-protesters who may disrupt the demonstration.

“Our advice to people marching is not to react,” Dogra says.

The march will take place on Jan. 21, starting at 12 p.m at Queen’s Park and proceeding to the U.S. Consulate and on to City Hall. A press release states the march is open to any gender.

“(The march) is an opportunity for people to be active, this is not the time to be silent or idle,” Dogra says. “We want to work towards a city and country that is more inclusive, not less.”

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Posted: Jan 18 2017 10:37 am
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