Lions freshman Sydney Drummings adapting to change

Saint. Leo attacker adjusting to new system

The sky is the limit for Sydney Drummings as she's ready to dominate her freshman year for the Saint Leo Lions lacrosse team. March 8th, 2017 (Alex Johnson's Photo) 

ST. LEO, FLA. – Freshman Sydney Drummings has a tall task ahead of her.

The 5-foot-11 South Plantation alum is confident in her field lacrosse skills heading into the new year and knows size has something to do with it.

“My height, my dominant left hand when cradling and going down the field, my positive energy, communication skills and just being a team player,” said Drummings.

The Saint Leo’s attacker acknowledged the challenges she’ll face regarding her position at St Leo compared to high school.

“Now I’m just getting used to everything, earning my position and taking time to learn more and sharpen my skills as before, it was high school, and high school is a lot different from the NCAA and college athletics. You have to earn your position,” said the 2016 Lacrosse Outstanding Senior winner.

Playing for two coaches within the span of a year is quite the adjustment period for any athlete.

Drummings has her fair share of that with the Lions, as she’s adopted different philosophies on lacrosse from her time with South Plantation’s Robert Rose, and now, with Lion’s Lesley Graham.

“They actually have very different styles of coaching. I honestly have a different perspective on lacrosse now that I have been coached by coach Graham for a while. It’s definitely sharpened by lacrosse IQ,” she said.

“Coach Rose’s philosophy was just be a team player, and that also connects with coach Graham, but she also wants you to hold yourself accountable and really focuses on the whole team rather than just certain people.”

Two-time Monmouth University MVP Marial Pierce, who was hired as the women’s lacrosse assistant coach in 2016, believes Drummings has the potential to be the team captain someday.

“Who knows?” Pierce asked. “She’s got three more years to go but she’s definitely a player that we’ve seen a lot of improvement with from the start of the fall until now. So if she keeps getting better at the same rate, then definitely I can see her being a leader on this team.”

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