No plans to introduce exotic cars to police fleet

OPP showing utility vehicles at auto show

The OPP won't be driving the Pagani Huayra anytime soon.  MICHAEL LINENNEN/TORONTO OBSERVER

Sgt. Kerry Schmidt drives a very different vehicle compare to the other front line patrol vehicles we see on the streets. He uses a Mercedes Sprinter as a mobile command unit for police officers to discuss strategies before executing their plans.

During the recent Canadian International Auto Show, the OPP showcased a number of their vehicles, including their first Utility Task Vehicle. The off-road vehicle is used for patrols in rural areas such as trails and provincial parks.

Cars at the Canadian International Auto Show that the OPP won’t be driving include the  Mclaren 675LT (left) and Mclaren 570s.  (MICHAEL LINENNEN/TORONTO OBSERVER)

Const. Pawel Sikora said the Dodge Charger is one of his favorite police vehicles.

“It’s compact, so it’s easier to fit in between traffic,” Sikora said. “It got a good kick to it too, so it’s fast. I find it has a bit more room than the Torus. And then overall the Tahoe is just bigger so it’s harder to park.”

Schmidt said everyone is going to have their own perspective on it. “There’s not one that’s better than the other, they all serve our purpose; we have fully marked vehicles, we have some subdued vehicles, plain vehicles as well that you may even recognize as a police vehicle.

“In the end, it doesn’t matter what we are getting ourselves into. They’re all equipped with emergency equipment, our radios, our lights, and everything we need to do our job.”

The Bugatti Chiron, displayed at the auto show, is also beyond the OPP. (MICHAEL LINENNEN/TORONTO OBSERVER)

The OPP currently have no plans to introduce exotic cars to expand its fleet. Other police departments around the world such as Dubai and Germany have introduced exotic cars in their fleet to help them catch speeders.

“It’s not about pursuing and high-speed pursuits,”Schmidt said. “We don’t want to get into pursuits that put the public at risk as well.”

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Posted: Mar 12 2017 2:27 pm
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