Bulls’ Cassidy Boyle has worked out recipe for success

University of South Florida shortstop preaches the collective unit

USF's Cassidy Boyle is all about team. She sees being part of the Bulls' unit as more important than individual stats.  Alex Johnson

TAMPA, Fla. – Multi-talented Cassidy Boyle is developing all the necessary tools to become a star shortstop in the NCAA.

Boyle had a ground-breaking sophomore year leading the Bulls with 111 assists in 2016, and has always emphasized being a team player.

“I don’t really think in terms of stats,” she said, on Thursday before practice. “One thing coach talks about is that stats don’t really matter as long as you do your job and get the good parts of the bat.”

“I (also) don’t really think in terms of career highs and stuff. I just want to make sure I do my job and do my part.”

The Hendrick Hudson High alum, back in Montrose, N.Y. is not foreign to the concept of being the team captain.

She had that honour in her senior year for her basketball and softball teams, but she’s taken a new approach in regards to captains in NCAA athletics.

“I think when you try to instil a leader amongst people, it doesn’t usually happen as well but when you let people take it amongst themselves and do it in their own way, it can really change a team,” Boyle said.

“If someone steps up and decides to be the ‘leader’ then that’s ok but I’d rather have 25 leaders then one single captain.

The New York native stated that she would be ok in stepping into a different position if need be.

“You have to respect everyone else’s position on the field but one thing I definitely like to do during practices is listen as they talk to the catchers or as they talk to the outfielders just to figure out what they do,” she said.

USF coach Ken Eriksen said that you could always rely on Boyle.

“You can spot her in crucial situations and she’s come through. She’s always been a clutch player for us.”

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Posted: Mar 14 2017 8:19 pm
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