Photographer accused of posting pictures of women without consent

Toronto man has apologized on Facebook for 'bad behaviour'

A Toronto photographer and comedian is being accused of posting revealing photos and contact information of women he knows online, which the women say was done without their consent.

Ren Bostelaar, a married father behind the blog Bike Rack TO and the popular Twitter parody account @stats_canada, issued an apology on Facebook after one of the woman he exposed confronted him.

Bostelaar’s public apology posted on Facebook. His profile has since been put on private.  (Facebook)

His post ignited a strong reaction, including from several women discovering photos not meant for the public eye had been posted alongside their identities and contact information.

The photos and personal information of the women appear on the website, 4chan, which is known for its nude photos of celebrities.

Toronto police confirmed Monday that Bostelaar is being investigated for criminal harassment after a complaint was made Sunday.

The report was filed by a women who said that her private, nude photos were published online without her consent.

Bostelaar colleagues at @stats_canada posted a statement on Twitter Sunday, saying they were shocked by his actions.

The Stats Canada parody account released a book in 2013, with another one expected to be released in June. Bostelaar’s lawyer said his client is “removing his name from that publication.”

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Posted: Mar 22 2017 11:47 am
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