Blue Jays fans still have high hopes despite slow start

Jays lose home opener 4-3 to the Milwaukee Brewers

Canadian flag on display at Rogers Centre.
Fans rise for the national anthem during the Blue Jays home opener vs the Brewers.  JUAN ROMERO/Toronto Obseerver

Forty-eight thousand fans came out to the Rogers Centre to watch the Toronto Blue Jays’ first home game of the season.

But they couldn’t celebrate on Wednesday as the team lost its home opener versus the Milwaukee Brewers.

However, many fans still have high hopes for the season.

Ricardo Garcia, who has been attending most home games since he moved to Canada from Venezuela in 2004, still believes the Blue Jays will improve and make the playoffs.

“We are used to this. I think because we made the playoffs last year people have more expectations but I have seen the Blue Jays lose more than win since I started watching them,” Garcia said. “I get behind my team win or lose. I think we will have a good season.”

With the loss Toronto has a 1-6 record. This is the worst start to a season in the franchise’s history.

Fan Jay O’Neal thinks Toronto has one of the best teams in the league. He is also very proud on how well all of Toronto’s teams are playing at the moment.

“It’s great. The Jays made the playoffs the last two years, same with Raptors and now the Leafs,” O’Neal said outside the stadium. “The (Jays) team is almost the same as last year and look at where we got. I think we’ll be fine this year.”

The focus will be on the Raptors and the Leafs the next few weeks as they will both be in the playoffs. This will probably give the Jays less spotlight an maybe relieve some pressure. However die-hard Jays fans like Ricardo Garcia will still be attending the games.

“I’ll be here tomorrow and over the weekend,” Garcia said. “I love the Jays and I will support them no matter what.”

The Blue Jays will play the second game of their two game home series against the Brewers tomorrow at 7 p.m.

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Posted: Apr 13 2017 6:26 pm
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