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How a job at HMV started Addi Stewart’s musical career

Toronto rapper and MC says he followed his dreams

Addi ‘Mindbender Supreme’ Stewart is about to turn 40. And his head is full of so many memories that they wouldn’t all fit into one single book.

Stewart joined Centennial College students on Monday April 3, to discuss the importance of pursuing your passion.

Stewart, born in Toronto, attended music school in Ottawa, then returned home and started his career at the local music store, HMV.

people in a group
Centennial College journalism students interview Addi “Mindbender Supreme” Stewart April 3, 2017.
From left: Jordan Clarke, Cheryldean Peters, Andre Saunders, Addi Stewart, Anissa Calma-Brown, Bree-Ann Gittens. (Toronto Observer Staff)

Absorbing even more knowledge about the music business from HMV — where all the top performers would play gigs — he then decided to follow his dreams further which led him into the industry. Stewart became one of Toronto’s very own high profile rappers within the hip-hop community.

Though he enjoyed his music career, it wasn’t enough for him. After being asked to cover an event by HipHop Canada he submitted a piece and he found his love for writing.

“I would have still been probably doing journalism if I didn’t get to the peak of my dream,” said Stewart.

Stewart believes students, especially, should not be held back because of the expectations others have for them.

“Some people might have had to fight their parents or whatever but I personally believe if you had some really hardcore parents that were even like five generations of lawyers and you were born and you’re like ‘I wanna be a ballerina!’”, Stewart said, advising readers to do what their own hear tells them.

Throughout his life he’s made many career changes but, Stewart believes individuals shouldn’t be looking at the money aspect when it comes to following your dreams.

“I love my dreams and I’m financially not that rich. But, the wealth of my stories and experiences comes from my life.”

Moving on from music, Stewart is currently in the adult film business, racking up even more experiences Stewart says will last him a lifetime.

“I have to write books, movies and documentaries because they will never capture all the amazing things that I’ve experienced in my life.”