That powerless feeling when the bus doesn’t wait for you

The TTC has a complaints line for such situations, but first you need one crucial piece of information

Rashida very angry
East York, ON, Canada. Frustrated TTC users and drivers that are too focused on schedule. Some do not care about the well-being of the user. Kevin Harry

“Stop!  Must I wave my hands back and forth to capture your attention?”

That’s what I’m thinking as I’m running toward the bus. The driver speeds off anyway.

I am aware that this is a universal issue, not one faced only by students like me. Now I must wait in the cold for the next bus, which could take up to 20 minutes.

It’s a stormy night. My mind is giving up.  I am yawning uncontrollably and zoning in and out of school readings.  My thoughts are whispering that it is time to go home. I make my way to my locker to gather my belongings.

It is time to leave the building.  But wait! I forgot my boots, and I refuse to go outside in such extreme cold weather while wearing running shoes. I rush to my locker and then storm back out of the building, anxious to make it home.

Approaching the bus, trudging through mounds of snow,  I am confident that it will stop. But no!

How inconsiderate. Some patience would have been nice.

I know that some TTC drivers care, but others, fixated on following their schedules, seem not to.

This is the third first time I’ve been in this stressful situation. Three times is too many!

Some would say that I could have checked the bus schedule on my phone, but not all students can afford a data plan.

I feel I must speak up, so I call the TTC complaints line. It isn’t much help.  I was asked for the four-digit vehicle number of the bus — or any of the buses that caused me angst.

But how would I know? I’m powerless because I don’t know the vehicle number.

Next time I ride the bus, I’ll look for the vehicle number.

And I’m still hopeful it will stop.

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Posted: Feb 7 2018 12:56 pm
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