Crescent Town Club pool reopens after long, problematic repair

East York pool had been closed for 14 months to fix a serious problem with leaking

After being closed for more than a year, the Crescent Town Club’s swimming facility recently threw a “grand pool reopening” to welcome back residents.

The event took place Saturday, March 10 at 2A the Market Place near Victoria Park and Danforth avenues.

Many who had been waiting 14 months for the pool to reopen brought along friends and family to celebrate.

“It was initially supposed to be closed for six months for repair,” said general manager Anil Narayan. “The pool was leaking heavily. We attempted to waterproof the pool, but unfortunately it kept failing, so we had to prolong the repair.”

Narayan estimated the cost to be $700,000 to $750,000.

“Fortunately, the pool is now working well,” he said. “The people now have access to every part of the facility.”

Swimming started the day of the reopening at 12:30 p.m. and ran for an hour and a half. Parents and guardians stayed to watch their kids splash around in the water. Some adults even joined in.

Afterwards, a gathering was held in the community centre’s club room.

Subir Shrestha, a father of two, came to the opening to watch his seven-year-old son swim with the other kids. His son had been part of the swim program before the pool closed.

“We went to a private swimming facility and it was more expensive than Crescent, but now we are back and I’m really enjoying it,” he said. “I’m excited to see the children have fun.”

Anil Narayan is general manager of Crescent Town Club. (Shanell Simmister/Toronto Observer)

Program co-ordinator Krystal Arseneau was also relieved.

“I was very sad about the pool’s closing and was hoping it would be a quick fix so people could swim again,” she said. “I’m happy to have people back.”

The Crescent Town Club opened in 1971. In addition to the pool, it hosts other recreational activities and offers daycare and athletic facilities.

Membership is free for Crescent Town residents.

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Posted: Mar 20 2018 3:39 pm
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