Parking permit system expansion expands expenses

The cost of living is about to rise for many Toronto drivers.

Community council is looking to expand the parking-permit system through all of downtown Toronto and East York.

This means non-permit holders who park on the street overnight or receive a complaint for exceeding the three-hour limit will be ticketed.

According to the Toronto Star, 40 per cent of residential streets in the area do not use the parking-permit system. These streets are being surveyed. The recommended bylaw changes will be submitted early next year.

Residents dissatisfied with the number of parked cars on their street deserve a voice, but so do single parents or retirees who may already struggle to afford the bills and maintenance associated with owning a vehicle.

The fee for a resident 12-month parking pass ranges from $209.40 to $733.90. For a temporary permit, it’s about $11 per day and $24 per week.

Toronto is among the most expensive cities in Ontario for car insurance, with an average annual premium of $1,743. Based on data, that is 32 per cent more than the provincial average.

Households that are barely able to make ends meet could now have to decide if a convenient method of transportation is worth the financial strain.

This new expense for drivers will be an asset to the city. As stated in the Toronto Star’s report, the parking-permit system generates $11 million in annual revenue. These changes will add at least another $2 million.

Parking should not be a luxury. While the current inconsistency in parking bylaws is unfair, imposing the permit system on remaining streets with free parking will not add to the fairness.

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Posted: Mar 22 2018 4:03 pm
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