PC candidate challenges ‘good campaigner’ Wynne in her riding

Don Valley West to feature battle of liberal and conservative values

Progressive Conservative candidate Jon Kieran knows he has an uphill battle, trying to defeat Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne in her own riding of Don Valley West.

“We all know that Kathleen Wynne is a good campaigner and will use her influence to try and win the riding,” he says. “We do not take anything for granted. My plan is to be the hardest working campaign in Ontario. I will listen and will keep my promise to be a real voice for Don Valley West at Queen’s Park.”

Wynne touts her government as a “force for good”, viewing it as something to be invested in, while Kieran cites the public anger associated with Wynne’s government.

Progressive Conservative  candidate JON KIERAN  (Courtesy of Kieran’s Campaign)

“I’ve received a consistent message across the Don Valley West — constituents want a government that actually listens,” Kieran says. “When consultation on important matters like a child’s education is promised, voters expect that promise to be kept. People are angry at government waste, they are fed up with the scandals, massive hikes in hydro rates, hallway healthcare and soaring deficits.”


Kathleen Wynne has been Don Valley West’s MPP since winning the seat from David Turnbull in 2003, and Liberal party leader since 2013. 

Wynne grew up in Richmond Hill, where she learnt to question the status quo at a young age, her campaign says. In high school, she joined with her friends to challenge the rule that prevented girls from wearing pants to school. She has lived with her partner, Jane, in North Toronto for more than 25 years.

“I am running again to be your MPP and Premier because I know we can continue to build a fairer, better Ontario where we invest in seniors’ care, child care and health care.”

She casts the election as classic battle between liberal and conservative values. “When voters cast their ballots this spring, they will choose between Conservatives who want to slash spending just when families need it the most, and our Ontario Liberal team that sees government as a force for good, and knows that now is the time to invest in care.”

She cites her initiatives to raise minimum wage to$15 an hour, to offer free tuition for 225,000 students, to provide free prescription medication for children and youth under 25, and establish 100,000 new, affordable childcare spaces.

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