Tea and Coffee Expo proves popular even during ice storm

Three thousand visited open-air space at Brick Works

Coffee and Tea Expo
The Coffee and Tea Expo took place at the Evergreen Brickworks on a cold, snowy April 15. Alex Goudge/Toronto Observer

While almost everyone was shut inside during last weekend’s ice storm, some  still ventured out to attend a coffee and tea festival.

The Toronto Tea and Coffee Expo, held April 14 and 15 at Evergreen Brickworks, featured dozens of coffee and tea vendors and booths offering everything from espresso to cold brew to gourmet ice pops.

The majority of attendees were just trying to keep warm. The expo was held at the pavilion at Evergreen Brickworks, which is an open-air event space. Despite the high winds and freezing rain plaguing the city, many still made it out to endure the cold all in the name of coffee.

Attendees were huddled around heating lamps set up to provide warmth, while enjoying what the expo had to offer.

Expo co-founder James Blackburn said, despite the poor weather, the event was a success, despite attendance being down from last year’s sold-out inaugural event.

“The weather was far from ideal, but nonetheless, nearly 3,000 people left home in the sleet and ice for a day of hot beverages and we’re excited to keep growing the Expo,” Blackburn said.

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Posted: Apr 19 2018 11:06 am
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