Fresh food is celebrated at East York’s weekly farmers market

Baked goods packed with sweet potatoes are a highlight for local shoppers

Bob Proracki serves up treats at his Ontario Sweet Potatoes booth at the East York Farmer's market on Tuesday Sept 18. Tiara Chutkhan/Toronto Observer

Every Tuesday from May until the end of October, East York residents gather for the weekly farmers market at Coxwell and Mortimer avenues.

The market takes place outside the East York Civic Centre with a variety of vendors providing fresh products grown locally in Ontario. From fruits and vegetables to all-natural beauty products, there are plenty of fun treats to scope out.

At Bob Proracki’s booth can be found a couple of the market’s highlights: a golden brownie and chocolate muffin made with sweet potatoes grown in Norfolk, Ont.

“We started growing sweet potatoes in 1984 as an alternative to tobacco,” Proracki said.

The family made the switch in 2001 and geared their business towards healthy treats and dishes that include the sweet potato. As they expanded, two kitchens were built, one of them gluten- and dairy-free to avoid any cross- contamination.

Since making the switch to sweet potatoes, the Proracki family has been visiting farmers markets and sharing their treats all over Ontario.

As children and adults stop by the booth, Proracki greets each customer with a smile and friendly conversation.

“I enjoy people, talking to them, seeing that they’re eating wholesome and nutritiously,” he said.

The market runs from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m., and if you stop by Proracki’s table you can grab a handy recipe sheet with some healthy sweet potato dishes to make yourself.

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Posted: Sep 19 2018 9:46 am
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