Ward 14 debate welcomes last minute appearance from candidate

Ward 14 Candidate Debate: Alexander Peña's remarks are heard at the end of the debate at the Story Arts Centre.

Alexander Peña outside the debate at Story Arts Centre.
Ward 14 candidate Alexander Peña speaks to people outside the debate about not being contacted for the debate. Kasy Pertab/Toronto Observer

One of the ward 14 candidates arrived at the Story Arts Centre after not receiving a formal invitation for the debate.

Alexander Peña interrupted fellow candidate Chris Marinakas’ opening statement, requesting for a chair.

After being escorted out, Peña spoke to Centennial College reporters about his frustration. When asked about what issues he will address, his major priority is affordable housing.

“I am going to regulate rental apartments from before 1980. Any building before 1980 it should not be more than $950,” Peña said outside of the debate room.

After consolation from Mary Vallis, organizer of the debate, Peña received a few minutes to speak during the closing remarks of the debate.

“The city doesn’t have the answers, it’s the people who are the ones that have the answers,” Peña said.

Vallis was accommodating towards Peña to ensure his voice was heard after failure to reach him.

“We tried to contact Mr. Peña but he did not provide any contact details to the city with his registration,” Vallis said. “His posters did not have any contact information either.”

Another candidate reached out to Vallis yesterday after not being able to find their contact information as well.

“We’re so happy Mr. Peña came tonight and we are going to include some of his comments later tonight, as soon as we can,” Vallis said.


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