Rare sports cards bring out the collectors

The monthly Toronto Card Show draws many of Ontario's high-end vendors

Toronto Card Show
Collector John Gatsis showing off his favourite cards at the Toronto Card Show at Leaside's Amsterdam Brewery, Oct. 14, 2018. DJ Llewellyn/Toronto Observer

John Gatsis collects sports cards, some of which are so rare that only a handful of copies were ever printed.

“It’s pretty cool that I’ve got three of the rarest Auston Matthews rookie cards you can get,” says Gatsis, who was both buying and selling at the Toronto Card Show on Sunday.

“One is a cup printing plate and is the only one of its kind. The other two cards are one of only six and one of only 10.”

Started in 2006, the Toronto Card Show is a monthly event that draws many of Ontario’s high-end vendors. This one was hosted by Leaside’s Amsterdam Brewery, so traders, buyers and sellers got the bonus of grabbing a pint along with some rare sports cards.

Graham MacKrell runs a small collectibles business as a hobby. He’s been coming to the show for years to buy and sell new cards.

“I’ve been collecting things since I was a kid, whether it was posters, hockey cards, toys, you name it,” MacKrell said. “A part of me refuses to grow up, and that’s okay because this community is mostly made up of grown-ups.”

A wide collection of sports cards from hockey to football are available to buy, and the price range is remarkable. Some cards go for less than a dollar. Others are worth thousands.

For the chance to score some cool sports cards and collectables of your own, the Toronto Card Show will be back on Nov. 18. Details are at www.torontocardshow.com.

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Posted: Oct 16 2018 10:19 am
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