Fresh faces compete for Beaches-East York city council

Debate over infrastructure policy at forefront of battle for Ward 19

In the face of the reduction to the number of Toronto wards, the old Wards 31 and 32 have been combined into the new Ward 19.

The incumbents of those wards have decided to retire and endorse new faces in their stead. Janet Davis, of Ward 31, has endorsed a former Beaches-East York MP, Matthew Kellway. Mary-Margaret McMahon, of Ward 32, has endorsed Brad Bradford.


That makes the Oct. 22 election a battle between fresh faces to municipal politics, with infrastructure playing a large role in the candidates’ platforms.

Each has a unique view of how things such as public infrastructure should be handled in Beaches–East York. Here are some of the candidates’ views.

Brenda MacDonald (Courtesy of campaign)

“I am a community advocate who offers non-partisan representation for all the constituents in Ward 19 and [at] City Hall. I will work with any mayor and all councillors elected. I can demonstrate fiscal responsibility in setting priorities, offering an equitable plan of action for Ward 19 — to develop a long-term approach to changes to our infrastructure planning, investment and shared development of our great city.” – Brenda MacDonald

Matthew Kellway (Courtesy of Campaign)

“My experience as a community advocate and elected representative makes me the best candidate in Ward 19. I have deep roots in the community, having lived and volunteered here for over 20 years. Residents need to know that their councillor has a deep commitment to our neighbourhoods, and the understanding, passion and experience that it takes to move things forward. I’m ready to stand up for Toronto, and for you. Together, we can build the city and community we want.” – Matthew Kellway

Adam Smith (Courtesy of Campaign)

“I have been involved in community issues for years now, volunteering and advocating for many causes and organizations.  My passion for community work and the resulting knowledge of this ward are what drive me.  My platform centres around a community voice: for better public consultations, safe and efficient transportation; using my years of studying traffic and transit to devise better safer solutions for our roads, and ensuring responsible development that respects the character of our neighbourhoods.” – Adam Smith

Josh Makuch (Courtesy of Campaign)

“Being a young person who commissions as an officer in the military, it is a huge crash course in leadership. I was only 24 years old and I was in charge of 40 soldiers. Being in Afghanistan, these 40 soldiers would look at me as their leader during a real fight, waiting for me to make a decision for them. That’s a unique kind of leadership that I experienced. Leadership is one of the things that’s missing in this city and with it, we can tackle hard challenges to make this city greater.”– Josh Makuch

Frank Marra (Courtesy of Campaign)

“Hi, my name is Frank Marra and I am running for council in Ward 19. My election priorities are to improve transportation movement for all modes,  including TTC service, social housing, especially the TCHC, and the safety of our streets. In addition, development matters along the waterfront and Danforth are a priority, too. I want to increase recreation opportunities while preserving our small community feel.”– Frank Marra

Brad Bradford (Courtesy of Campaign)

“I really would like to see a more positive type of politics. Too many people and too many politicians are focused on what divides us instead of what brings us together. I want to bring people together, look at the concerning evidence [transportation, affordable housing, road safety, and the environment] , speak to people, and actually move forward.” – Brad Bradford

Diane Dyson (Courtesy of Campaign)

“There’s no need for political obligations.  I come at this election with the obligation of finding people and neighbours who need help with any worries in general. That’s where my priorities are.” – Diane Dyson

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