It takes more than two to tango on Halloween

The monster mash at this Main Street studio has a distinct salsa flavour

Young adults prance the night away on Halloween at Access Ballroom Studio.  Valeria Mazlova/Toronto Observer

It is the night before Halloween as the children are preparing their loot bags and costumes for trick or treat. Valeria Mazlova, owner of Access Ballroom studio in Toronto, is instead teaching adults how to do the tango.

Mazlova explains why Halloween and dancing go hand in hand.

“Halloween is all about fun and expression during this time, people can dress up and be anyone but themselves,” she said.

She was taking a break from teaching young adults in the ballroom studio at 275 Main St. different salsa techniques. Instead she was letting the group enjoy their creativity and individualistic personalities.

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Posted: Nov 6 2018 11:49 am
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