East end weed shops shut down — for now

Police have raided other dispensaries in Toronto

National Access Cannabis
Shut down–completely locked door leaving no access for customers to purchase weed.  Rashida Powankumar

Weed shops have been closing in the East York area since the federal government announced the legalization of weed.

The National Access Cannabis shop at 286 Danforth Ave., for example, appears to be completely empty. A sign in the front window invites passersby to “Let’s talk answers” about pot but nobody is inside to answer questions. The  glass door of the shop is locked, making it impossible for customers to enter and purchase pot.

Around the corner on Broadview Avenue, another shop Cannabis Clinic is also closed.

Police are raiding and closing other dispensaries in Toronto since pot became legal on  Oct.17. Users can now purchase weed online only through a government approved and funded webpage. Storefront dispensaries are illegal until at least next April when some shops are to be licensed.

A young woman, who works in the law office above National Access Cannabis, says many people have come to her asking about the weed shop below.  The law firm is unrelated to the cannabis store and provides legal services in family and and real estate matters.

“People come up here all the time asking what happened to the weed shop,” said the woman who did not want her name used. “I just say that it’s been shut down.”

The government has set up an online question and answer website regarding the dos and don’ts of marijuana purchasing since the cannabis legalization.

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Posted: Nov 8 2018 8:17 am
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