Tampa’s Jessie Tobin is less anxious, more excited for 2nd NCAA swim

Spartan's all-rounder continues to improve on times

Jessie Tobin is ready to use last year's experience to improve at the NCAAs this season.  

TAMPA, Fla. – Last year’s nerves have given way to this season’s  experience as Jessie Tobin improves her swims heading into a second NCAA championship.

The University of Tampa student said that making it into the top 10 at the March 13-16 event in Indianapolis would be a huge achievement for her.

And now, she’s less anxious than last year as a freshman.

“I’m a sophomore now and I’m more excited,” said the 19-year-old Naples, Fla., native. “I’m glad to be going back and hopefully swim faster than last year.

“I think as a freshman I was a little bit too nervous so I wasn’t as ready, so this year I think I’m heading in well prepared.”

She is taking part in four events this year; the 400-yard individual medley, 1,000y freestyle, 1,650y freestyle, and 500y freestyle.

Head coach Jimi Kiner said that working with Tobin has been a lot of fun and he is delighted with her work ethic.

“She’s a great girl to work with (and) I get the pleasure of coaching her the majority of the time,” he said, relating to his assistant coaches and how they divvy up responsibility. “She does everything with a smile on her face and never complains and does it to the best of her ability.”

Kiner has been very pleased with Tobin’s efforts this season and thinks last years’ experience will help her improve her showing at the nationals next week.

She recently competed at the Sunshine State Conference, finishing second in the distance frees, third in the 1,000, second in the “B” final 400 medley relay, second in the “B” final 800 medley relay, and third in the 500 free.

Head coach Jimi Kiner has been pleased with Tobin’s efforts this season and thinks the 2018 experience will help improve her showing at the nationals next week.

“She had a great Sunshine State Conference, and she has 16 days from then until the NCAAs,” Kiner said. “We’ve changed up a couple things that we did last year to improve on her times.

“She’s been looking really good in the water. I’m excited to see how she does.”

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Posted: Mar 12 2019 11:50 am
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