How some singles celebrated Valentine’s Day — Not!

Singles gathered in cold weather at Hemingway's to celebrate being 'forever alone'

Art installation spells out the word "love" with metal, locks, and neon light.

Singles from all over Toronto lined up in the freezing weather outside Hemingway’s, a Toronto bar hosting a party to not celebrate Valentine’s Day on Saturday night.

Two friends, Melissa Conway and Sidra Ramlal were wearing black dresses, black lipstick and black high heels as they waited in line to get into the party. They laughed and shivered outside Hemingway’s, not complaining about the freezing weather.

“This is the perfect party for us,” Conway said. “Who needs a guy when you have a best friend? I mean, look at Ariana Grande, she bought seven rings for all her besties!”

Her friend agreed.

“I hate Valentine’s Day! Why can’t it just be about us, instead of someone else?” said Ramlal.

Both young women came to Toronto from Kitchener, Ontario, to celebrate anti-Valentine’s day.

Hemingway’s Toronto tweeted friends and family celebrating the event on Saturday.

The anti-Valentine’s Day silent disco was held at Hemingway’s rooftop bar at 142 Cumberland St. The space was full of friends and singles dancing with each other.

It made for strange scene — with three live DJs spinning live music but no sound. Every person could choose to listen to music through thee different channels in the bar. Red headphones played Rock/Disco music; Green headphones play 1980s, 1990s and throwbacks; and the blue headphones play hip-hop and top 40s music.

A group of friends wearing blue headphones were dancing together singing the lyrics to Drake’s single “In My Feelings.”

“Kiki, do you love me? Are you riding? Say you’ll never ever leave from beside me!” they all sing, and dance together to the hit single.

Some friends had their headphones around their necks chatting with each other and drinking at the bar. One of them, Sarah Nicolson, said she was at the party to celebrate life and love.

“You don’t really need a boyfriend or girlfriend to celebrate Valentine’s Day! All you need is your family and friends and some drinks and music,” Nicolson said. “You can buy your own chocolates on sale tomorrow too.”

The anti-Valentine’s Day rooftop silent disco was one of many events happening in Toronto. Other events hosted exclusively for singles this weekend included Rage Room at Battle Sports bar, Tinder Tales at the Gladstone Hotel, and Taking Back Valentine’s at the Handlebar.

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Posted: Mar 19 2019 12:00 pm
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