Centennial College fine arts studio students dream through art

Reverie-themed student run art show to take place at the Artists' Network Gallery

Alexandria A. Allen-Papadopoylos is helping publicize Reverie, this year's fine arts studio show at the Story Arts Centre. FADZAIISHE REBECCA ZIRAMBA/TORONTO OBSERVER

Artists are no strangers to visions, musings, and daydreams. In an ode to fantasy, graduating fine arts studio students at Centennial College’s Story Arts Centre are busily preparing for an art exhibition fittingly titled Reverie.

The show, which will feature drawings, paintings, and sculptures, will take place between March 28 to 31 at the Artists’ Network Gallery.

For much of the fine arts studio program’s existence, graduating students have curated and hosted themed art exhibitions as a celebration of their artistic development. This year’s show is quite different.

Students have traditionally created and contributed art, but this year they were given greater responsibility. This year, students are entirely planning and organizing the event themselves.

Alexandria A. Allen-Papadopoylos and Kai Hart are already hard at work preparing.

Alexandria A. Allen-Papadopoylos is helping publicize Reverie, this year’s fine arts studio show at the Story Arts Centre. FADZAIISHE REBECCA ZIRAMBA/TORONTO OBSERVER

“My role is to really get people to come to this event. So reaching out to news reporters, reaching out to the Toronto Star, and reaching out to different either news sources or media companies,” Allen-Papadopoylos said.

Allen-Papadopoylos, 22, first took an interest in art in Grade 2. After seeing a peer draw an anime character, she was compelled to copy and continued to draw until she perfected her art.

“What strikes me about this theme, reverie, is that there’s so many different takes on it,” she said.

“Someone may take reverie as a nightmare.”




Hart, 29, who is also advertising the event, shared a similar thought.

“Dreaming and thinking big has been a theme for us,” he said.

“When people are going to go into the show, they’re going to see all our different ideas and dreams — what it means to us to be artists and out into the real world and how we see things.”


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Posted: Mar 23 2019 1:01 pm
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