Toronto Police issue over 2,300 tickets during March break

Safety blitz was aimed at reducing pedestrian deaths

Parked police vehicle.
Toronto Police targeted distracted drivers this past week, aiming to reduce pedestrian deaths in the city. Vatche Ayvazian/Toronto Observer

Toronto Police laid more than 2,300 charges involving distracted drivers over the March break.

The blitz covered the “big four” issues that led to pedestrian deaths: speeding, distracted driving, impaired driving, and aggressive driving.

Sgt. Brett Moore, a spokesperson for the Toronto police’s traffic services division, had expected the number of charges to be significantly lower compared to the blitz that was done in January. That’s not what happened.

Forty one pedestrians were killed on Toronto’s streets last year, and the majority of the fatalities were people 55 years old and up.

“We’ve deployed officers in areas that a lot of these collisions are taking place,” said Sgt. Alex Crews of Toronto Police Traffic Services.

“It’s serious, and people should start taking these things seriously, because people are losing their lives.”

After the blitz ended, Crews said at least 14 people were arrested for impaired driving during the blitz. Moore also told reporters at least 800 of the charges were for reckless driving and speeding.

Police announced on their website that they will be conducting workshops  aimed at reducing pedestrian deaths.

They also expect to run another one-week blitz “in the beginning of summer,” Crews said. “There’ll be a lot more kids on the streets, so the drivers have to be watchful.”

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Posted: Mar 30 2019 4:08 pm
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