The student summer job hunt is on in Toronto

Employment can come from career counselling, job-search sites, or family and friends

U of T's Student Success Centre.
U of T's Student Success Centre is a popular destination for those who need help finding summer jobs. Alana Rayman/Toronto Observer

As the semester ends, post-secondary students in Toronto are scrambling to find good summer jobs. The options seem limited, but many remain optimistic about securing employment.

Stephen Kenner, an MBA student at Ryerson University, says he had some fierce competition when it came to finding a summer internship at a

Ryerson MBA student Stephen Kenner just got an internship at a marketing firm.  (Alana Rayman/Toronto Observer)

marketing firm in Toronto.

“I’m happy I got it,” he says. “The search was pretty intense, but my career counsellor was able to point me in the right direction.”

For some students, the job hunt can be a bit more challenging.

Isha Gallagher, a history student at Ryerson, sits calmly in the student centre.

“I got worried, as I was just too busy with school to look. I’m not very lucky at finding jobs,” she says. “I’m going to try networking with family and friends to try to find a job in either retail or at day camps. I’ve done past work in Quebec in shops, as well as some babysitting.”

Many students turned their minds to the search before spring officially began.

“Our student centre has been steady since February,” says Victor Yerra, a career specialist at Ryerson.

“There are many other places that are hiring at the moment, such as the stores in the Eaton Centre, that don’t require tons of experience. We have a portal that the students use, however there are many other websites, such as LinkedIn, Indeed, Workopolis and Monster, that students have access to.

Ryerson history student Isha Gallagher went to the student centre to look for a job in retail or at a summer camp. (Alana Rayman/Toronto Observer)

The University of Toronto’s Student Success Centre is geared toward helping young job-seekers with everything from career counselling to professional skills.

The most popular programs are bio-engineering and communications, according to receptionist Kashi Khanna.

U of T student Cathy Wu says her search was hard at first, but she finally got an administrative job through a website.

“It just takes a bit of perseverance and determination,” she says.

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