A Sense of Community at the CityPlace Terry Fox Run 2019

People cheering at finish line
The finish line at the CityPlace Terry Fox Run 2019.  Monica Ferguson

Despite the rain for the 39th annual Terry Fox Run at the CityPlace neighbourhood, families, colleagues and friends all came out Sunday to support one another and put their best feet forward.

The organizer of the Canoe Landing Park Terry Fox Run, Sal Chaudhry, has been a volunteer since 2009, since his father died of cancer.

“That was my ultimate inspiration, to help people going through the same thing. Honestly, that is what inspired me to start the run,” he said.

Back then, he would volunteer at the Wilket Creek Park, and would pass the Canoe Landing Park site.

“This park actually has a path that surrounds it called the Terry Fox Miracle Mile. And so I thought ‘Why is there no run here?’”

Chaudhry took it upon himself to contact the Ontario office of the Terry Fox Foundation to ask if he could organize it.

He has now successfully organized the run for six years and counting. His favourite part is “meeting all the incredible runners and participants.”

According to Chaudry, there are some really incredible stories of runners who come from all over.

“I am really most inspired by the people who are being affected by cancer presently and they still participate. Cancer and the treatments are really draining of course, so to come out and run or walk or participate in any effect when you have cancer, that’s just ultimate inspiration.”

Greg Leman came out to the run with his colleagues from Sage Foundation.

“Some are running, some walking, and some are rollerblading,” he said.

Leman went on to explain that “at the start there is a lot of energy. The struggle at the end is also enjoyable, [because] you’re tired and you’re pushing it, and that’s the cool part – when everything is against you and you do it anyways.”

Boy running in Terry Fox Run.
Young boy reaching the finish line at the CityPlace Terry Fox Run 2019.

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Posted: Sep 25 2019 10:53 pm
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