Scarborough-Guildwood Conservatives aim to end Liberal incumbent’s long reign

Conservative Thuraisingham running against long-time MP McKay

Quintus Thuraisingham to fun in federal riding of Scarborough Guildwood.
Conservative Quintus Thuraisingham was nominated in March for the riding of Scarborough-Guildwood, Photo courtesy Ravi Atcuhuthan

The Conservative Party in Scarborough-Guildwood has high hopes for their candidate to pull the position away from John Mckay.

McKay is a veteran parliamentarian of 22 years, represent Scarborough Guildwood for the Liberals

Map of the Scarborough-Guildwood riding boundary provided by Elections Canada

In March the Conservative voted Quintus Thuraisingham as their candidate in hopes of taking the riding from McKay this fall.

“John McKay, who has been the Liberal MP for over two decades, has completely failed to help the residents of this riding. He has taken our vote for granted,” Thuraisingham said in an interview with

McKay has also been canvassing the area with volunteers, talking to the people about their concerns, what needs to be done for the community and how he will go about dealing with issues like transit.

McKay only had positive and encouraging things to say about his competitor Thuraisingham and the possibility of him winning the riding.

“It’s a very good response from him — all things are possible right now at this point,” McKay said.

His volunteers and supporters seem to have confidence in him being re-elected.

However, former Scarborough MP Pauline Browes says she has full confidence in Thuraisingham and is happy to support him for a number of reasons.

“He has an economic degree and I think its important that we have the finances of this country in better shape than it is now,” she said

“He has done a lot of work for the community, raised a lot of money for various organizations,for seniors, for mental health,for empowerment of the community;He would be an excellent first class member of Parliament”

Some of these organizations include Society for the Aid of Community Empowerment,St.Antony’s College Alumni Association in Canada, Tamil Centre for Performing Arts,Harmony Hall Centre for Seniors and Walk-a-thon for CAMH

Browes thinks we needs to have an advocate in Scarborough that will get things done and quite clearly thinks Thuraisingham will do better than McKay.

“Mr McKay has been a member of parliament for quite a long time now and I have a hard time looking at what his accomplishments are,” Browes said

“We need an advocate here to get things done here like subway and safety; and I think a change with a new member of parliament will get things done.”

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Posted: Oct 10 2019 9:34 am
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