Edibles legalized in Canada

Can be ordered now but available in December

Weed brownies on a table
Starting in December Canadians can start purchasing edibles to make brownies or other treats. Vatche Ayvazian/Toronto Observer

Health Canada has declared the sale of cannabis edibles, including weed-infused beverages, baked goods and lollipops, legal starting Oct.. 17.

Consumers interested in edibles will likely be able to order them until December. According to Health Canada, Oct. 17 is the day that licensed producers can start sending their applications to Health Canada. 

The approval process takes three to four months, which makes edibles available for consumption at the earliest in December. 

There are restrictions that people should know about before purchasing edibles and they are strict limits of 10 milligrams of THC per edible serving, and 1,000 mg per package for oil or lotions.

A second restriction concerns marketing: advertisements must not be appealing to minors — out of concern that they might get overdosed. 

Sam Larkin, 29, who works at a dispensary near Ryerson University on Dundas Street West, says legalization of edibles will improve business. “Business-wise I can’t wait till we start selling them, cause I know personally the demand is there but at the same time we have to watch for minors, we do get officers in here always telling us to keep a lookout for minors.”

Marina, who refused to give last name and age, says she has been consuming edibles for three years through the black market there’s no better time to live in Canada than now. “It’s about time they legalized it,” she says. “Everybody in the States will now flee Trump to come here and smoke our joints and eat our edibles. What a time to be a Canadian eh? I love it.”

Canadians will be able to purchase edibles starting in December. Dispensaries are not allowed to advertise their products as part of the government’s restrictions. 

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Posted: Oct 11 2019 12:10 pm
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