Toronto reduces speed limits to help protect pedestrians and cyclists

Vision Zero 2.0 is launched across the city

New sign lowers the speed limit in the Malvern area. Sanjeevan Kandasamy/Toronto Observer

Many roads across Toronto have had their speed limits lowered from 60 kilometres an hour to 50 kilometres an hour.

The changes were launched in January after the Toronto Police Data Report in early 2019 showed a high number of collisions in Toronto, especially in Scarborough.

A city report is recommended in June an update to the Vision Zero Road Safety Plan, including lowering speed limits on many Toronto roads.

But some residents have mixed feelings about the plan.

Arun Shah, 22, a Scarborough resident, said he respects the idea of the new changes and hopes it does improve the safety of pedestrians, but there were still some issues.

“It’s not really the speed limits that are the problem,” Shah said. “It’s the people that are driving carelessly that are the problem.”

Shah said that if all drivers follow the rules, the number of collisions should decrease. He also mentioned pedestrians must do their part by crossing when allowed, and not running onto roads just because they are empty.

“I feel if everyone did their job right, we don’t have to worry about these accidents too much,” he said.

A city news release said the Vision Zero 2.0 plan was to reduce speed limits across the main roads of Toronto. Other features included more red-light cameras, photo radars, road changes, and even additional signals to make it easier for pedestrians to cross.

Photo radars were being installed across the city to tag cars that are speeding and to make sure drivers are obeying the speed limit.

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Posted: Jan 29 2020 5:33 pm
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