Toronto’s new Eataly store hosts grand opening

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Eataly employee serves new customers in Toronto store Nov. 13, 2019. Chris Cammalleri/Toronto Observer

The highly successful Italian inspired store has now opened its seventh location in North America on Toronto’s very own Bloor Street East.

Hundreds of eager customers lined up on November 13, 2019 to see exactly what this new store would offer to the city.

Toronto Observer, Via SnapChat

Food, drinks, and the very culture of Italy were all on display for those lucky enough to get into the crowded store.

All employees and staff were extremely dedicated to showing all the new customers what a true Eataly experience is like.

Various sections of the store offered samples to those who were interested. Whether it was wine, gelato, or pizza, the significance of these different dishes were explained in relation to Italian culture.

One of these many knowledgeable employees was Mattia Pagliara, who works as a kitchen manager and a promoter of Eataly’s La Scuola program.

He helped explain to customers the philosophy behind Eataly programs and what they try to offer to all who enter the store.

“We here at Eataly do believe that eating well means living well. We want people to learn how eating well will affect their lives,” he said.

Pagliara explained that he truly believes in the program and takes pride in sharing the culture with customers who have not yet experienced anything like it.

“The Italian culture is something that has been embedded through history. So the idea is to live better through food.”

He said that this way of thinking and living your life is a belief held by all who work at Eataly stores and restaurants.

Eataly owners and executives were very impressed with the turnout and spoke of their appreciation for all who contributed to the opening of this new store and all the customers who took time out of their afternoon to take in the experience.

Chris Cammalleri/Toronto Observer, Via SnapChat

The next Eataly store is destined for Dallas in 2020, but first this enthusiastic team of employees and owners will be focusing on adding thenew Toronto store to an already long list of successes in other cities such as New York and Boston.

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