Distillery trying to create positive atmosphere with light festival

Toronto is conducting its annual Festival of Lights

Mariposita art piece, exhibited at the Toronto Light Festival SanjeevanKandasamy/TorontoObserver

Priyan Patel was eager for a new experience in Toronto.

So he came to the Toronto Light Festival at the Distillery Historic District on Feb. 10.

“I want to experience something new in Toronto,” resident Patel said. He had never attended this festival, which was a main reason why he decided to check it out.

He also wanted to experience the mood the festival would create, while being lit up in bright colours during the nights.

Patel was very excited to be there, as he mentioned he couldn’t wait to see many of the exhibits and visit some of the few shops they had at the festival.

The festival honours many art pieces and exhibits, from artists not only in Canada but across the world.

Some of those works include the Mariposita, by Chris Carnabuci from The United Sates , and Cloud Swing, by Lindsay Glatz and Curious Form, also from the states.

Patel said he liked the cloud swings the most.

It’s the first thing he saw when he walked in, and that was the exhibit that had everyones attention.

According to the festival’s website, their main goal, was to create a positive vibe with all the lights, where people across the city can come and enjoy together.

The website also mentions the festival includes tours, in which guests can learn about the main exhibits and try out many samples from chocolate factories and breweries.

The festival started Jan. 17 and runs until March 1. This is the fourth year this event is taking place.

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Posted: Feb 13 2020 11:33 pm
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